PGITIC Service Robot

PGIBOT is a the most advanced multi purpose service robot for research and eductation

Face Detection

Sample Text one

Transfer Feelings

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Object Recognition

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Obstacle Avoidance

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The first SDK and API for Service Robot

You can use the robot SDK and develop your own software for your scenarios. PGIBOT also supports the lates ROS framework and has it's packages too !. Also PGIBOT is ROS enabled and you can develop your ideas without any limitations in any languages such as phyton,C,C++,java and ... .

First Visual ProgrammingInterface for Studetns

Draw your dreams with this amazing toolbox without coding !


The Service Robot

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Battery Capacity (mAH)
متر بر ثانیه
Maximum Speed (m/s)
Charging time (Hours)
کیلو گرم
Overall weight (Kg)

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